Taking Letrozole, Before and After

Taking Letrozole, Before and After

The active ingredient Letrozole – causes a good effect by blocking the production of aromatase enzymes. Used by athletes and bodybuilders in Post-Course Therapy (in PKT), to maintain muscle mass after the end of the course. Clinically used to eliminate gynecomastia, also prescribed to correct low height and in female oncology. Letrozole blocks estrogen receptors, thereby increasing the percentage of testosterone in the body.

The active ingredient Letrozole

A full description of the drug Letrozole contains clear instructions on how to use the drug. It is important, consider the weighty benefits of the non-steroidal drug. The most reliable and most popular letrozole-containing drug, was Caspov Letrozol – to be precise – Kasra Letrozol, much more significant than similar letrozol drugs. The key feature in anti-estrogenic drugs is the possibility of long-term consolidation of the course results. Even after the end of treatment, accumulated muscle mass is not lost. This makes it the drug of choice among bodybuilders.

Letrozole has proven to be in demand in the treatment of breast and ovarian cancer due to its ability to “take up residence” at estrogen synthase receptors. This makes it possible to effectively block peripheral estrogen, i.e., that which is produced in adipose tissue and not in the glands. Since it is fat cells – adipocytes – that are responsible for the production of a large proportion of estrogen in the male body, letrozole allows you to neutralize its effects, stimulates muscle growth, improves skin condition.

It is difficult to order original Letrozol at low price in Ukrainian drugstores, and it is even unreal to find Letrozol in small towns. It’s easier and cheaper to find it on the Internet. The best and most reliable high quality Letrozole is produced by KASPA pharmaceutical company. – The best producer of the original medication

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letrozole use by men before and after

Letrozole prevents estrogen synthase without affecting the corticosteroid cycles in the body or causing abnormalities. It is used to combat gynecomastia, to get rid of excess fluid, and to normalize blood pressure.

The main direction of the courses is to strengthen the musculature, increasing the density of muscle tissue. Alternating with periods of intense training, in order to improve recovery after workouts. Activation of the body to produce its own, endogenous testosterone.

letrozole use by men before and after

Among the positive side effects noted is the property of the drug to stimulate spermatogenesis, and its potential use in azoospermia. In female bodybuilding, this substance is not used because of its strong effect on the hormonal balance. Letrozol of the manufacturer “Caspa” in the store Testosteron.com.ua can be purchased at a special price.

letrozole use by women before and after

As one of the key medications for post-menopausal patients, letrozole compares favorably to tamoxifen. On the other hand, it is useless before menopause because it cannot block ovarian hormone synthesis. In general, it is used as an adjuvant drug (adjuvant therapy) after breast surgery for breast cancer. The drug has also been used experimentally to treat infertility, finding less drastic side effects than clomiphene. Another use is to treat endometriosis.

The course and dosage of letrozole is selected individually, based on blood test data and simultaneously taken drugs (in particular, steroid derivatives). The approximate dose is 1-2 mg per day for a course of 30 days. The exact value and schedule of intake is established only by a doctor’s decision. Before you buy letrozole at Testosteron.com.ua, make sure that you understand not only the prospects but also the conditions of the drug intake!

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As a rule, experts advise to get rid of excess weight for obese women who plan to become pregnant. A group of American scientists managed to find out that similar recommendations should also be followed by men who want to conceive a child. The study involved 65 couples who had previously consulted reproductive specialists. Men during the year went to weekly group classes on diet and physical activity. The results showed that it was those men who managed to lose more weight who were able to conceive. Scientists believe the reason is that obesity directly affects the number of sperm cells and the quality of sperm itself due to changes in DNA.

It was also found that the well-known anti-cancer drug letrozole, used to treat breast cancer and infertility in women, also shows positive results when used by men diagnosed with infertility. It is known that excess fatty tissue leads to a hormonal imbalance in men, resulting in shifts in sex hormone levels and a decreased number of sperm cells.

Use on a course of the drug

Use on a course of the drug

The tactic of most domestic athletes is to use aromatase inhibitors when the first signs of gynecomastia appear (swelling, itching in the nipple area, redness). However, this approach is not optimal.

The most rational solution is to perform an estradiol test after about 10 days of taking anabolic steroids with a short half-life (testosterone propionate, methandrostenolone) or after 3-4 weeks of administration of long esters (enanthate, sustanon, cypionate). Then a medium dosage of anastrozole 0.5 mg every other day is prescribed. After 10 days a control analysis of estradiol is performed and the dosage is adjusted according to the results.

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A compromise option would be to use a moderate or low dosage of anastrozole, guided by subjective sensations. If after prescription there is a drop in libido, erectile dysfunction, depression, then the dose should be lowered. Read more about steroid courses.

The advent of the inexpensive brand name Letrazole (Letroze) has brought this drug to the forefront. There is a sufficient number of studies confirming its high efficacy in men. Administration of the drug was accompanied by a pronounced rise in gonadotropin (LH). The effective dosage starts from 0.02 mg (100 times lower than the therapeutic dosage) and allows to decrease the estrogen level by one third. The half-life of letrozole is 2-4 days, allowing it to be taken every other day.The main disadvantage is its pronounced ability to suppress estrogen levels even at low dosages.

When you are taking Letrozole, it is important to be consistent with the dosage and timing.  In general, you will want to take Letrozole before bedtime on an empty stomach.  Some people choose to split their dosage in half and take it twice per day.  It is also important to avoid drinking alcohol while taking Letrozole, as this can negate its effects.
Most people see results within one month of starting Letrozole.  It is important to continue taking the medication until the cycle has been completed.  Most people will experience a decrease in estrogen levels and an increase in testosterone levels.